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what do y'all know about this?

i am writing a paper on martial law and really want to use this speach. the problem, i don't know who it is or to whom they are speeking:

this is from retro, deutchland

The firmness of American will, and the effectiveness of American strength, the Marshall Plan. This is no ?matter? the purpose of our common military effort is War in Europe. The destruction of nations. We are proud of this wreckage. Narrow nationalism. Your nation is in the front lines in America’s own self interest. We were preferred to see Europe divided at least enabeling the united states to deal with each fragment individually. The united states of America allows us to peer. We are backed by the sanctions of thoiusands of the most maud weapons here on European soil.

What does Libya require? The answer is freedom. Hundreds of thousands of our soldiers. I do believe, in an assessment, a great power at work together to preserve the dogmatic police state. The light is never easy. There is work to be done. And obligation to be met. Obligation to truth, to justice, armed aggression for subversion. The united states is here in this continent to stay. Our forces and commitments will remain.

We are vigilant and determined to serve free made gold, or armed aggression. To restructure of nations. We are proud of this wreckage.
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