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head_rush's Journal

Kien Mehrheit Fur Die Mitleid
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What is this community about?
We are the elite LJ fans of KMFDM.

What is KMFDM?
If you have to ask, this community is not for you.

So what do we post on it?
Whatever. KMFDM News, fan fiction, icon art, pics from a concert of KMFDM, what have you. This is a group for KMFDM fans to have their own LJ forum. Make of it what you will.

Any rules?
Yeah. Don't be stupid. That's number one. And number two is respect everyone else in the forum, and continually revert back to number one. Finally, number three is I am too damn lazy to write any more rules, so just follow number one until I get around to writing up new rules. I'm new at this crap.